Avery LeVine - Indie Folk Singer/Songwriter and Irish Trad Multi-Instrumentalist (bouzouki, Irish flute, etc.) from Portland, OR

Irish Music

Sometimes big aspects of a person’s life do not come to them directly. Such is the way with Avery LeVine and his passion for traditional Irish music. As a teenager it wasn’t unusual that Avery got into Punk Rock, in a less usual fashion, it wasn’t long before he came across bands that were adding in a small Irish flavor to their sound. His interest in the loud, in-your-face, rebellious Punk sound quickly waned in favor of whistles, pipes and fiddles. From there he started to dig into Irish traditional music in earnest listening to bands like Lúnasa, Danú, and Dervish. Really loving what he found he set out to learn how to play the music picking up, first, tin whistle and mandolin and later moving on to flute and bouzouki all while still in his teens and, a few years later, DADGAD guitar.

Wanting to know more about this music Avery moved to Dublin at 18 to study traditional music at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). It was there he had the chance to learn how to play the music from legendary musicians studying flute with Tom Doorley (Danú) and Peter Browne (host of R.T.E’s The Rolling Wave) and mandolin with Kieran Hanrahan (host of R.T.E’s Céilí House). He graduated with a BMus Hons in Irish Traditional Music Studies in 2011. During his time in Dublin he played in sessions frequently and, in some cases, studied side by side with his contemporaries who would later be members of bands like Lankum, Skipper’s Alley, The FourWinds, The Bonny Men, and The Full Set. Avery also had the chance to sit play in sessions with many other great players including some of his heroes like Seamus Tansey, Mick O’Brien, Michael McGoldrick, and John McSherry.

Back in Portland it wasn’t long before Avery started playing with the local Celtic trio Dram & Go and played on their debut EP which was released in late 2015. Avery left the band in 2016 to focus on a solo project and released his own solo EP in April 2017 titled Lonesome City. After the release of Lonesome City Avery decided the solo project should be dedicated to original music and is currently in the process of forming a traditional music band check back soon for updates. You can also find Avery playing traditional music with many local players and members of local groups such as Na Rósaí, The Stomptowners, Bob Soper, Felim Egan, and many more in sessions around Portland.

Avery is also available to teach and record any of the instruments mentioned above except for mandolin as he does not have one currently. Please contact Avery or use the form on the contact page to discuss rates and availability.

Upcoming Events:

Check caks soon for updates

Past Events and Highlights:

8/1/17 The Rookery at Raven and Rose – Ná Rósaí (subbing for Richie)

3/19/2017 Kells Downtown 4-5:30 with Felim Egan

3/19/2017 Paddy’s 10 (AM)-12 with Zac Leger and Joe Reidy

3/18/2017 Kells Downtown 4-5:30 with Felim Egan

3/18/2017 Kells Brewpub 11:30 (AM)-1 with Felim Egan

3/17/2017 Alberta Street Pub 10 (PM) -12 with Conor O’Bryan, Erik Killops, and Richie Rosencrans

3/17/2017 The Gallon House (Siverton, OR 7-9) with Conor O’Bryan

3/17/2017 Kells PDX Downtown (2-3:30) with Felim Egan

10/21-23/2016 Galway Bay Celtic Music Feis with The Stomptowners

08/14/2016 McMenamin’s Rock Creek Tavern with Bob Soper

06/21/2016 The Raven and Rose with Outbound Traveler

06/18/2016 Lady Hill Winery with Tim Cornell

03/17/2016 Kells with Felim Egan and Joe Reidy

03/13/2016 Tualatin Library with Dram & Go

01/10/2016 Dram & Go CD Release at Biddy’s (now the O’Neill)

Avery was in the band Dram & Go from August 2014 through May 2016 anything listed here: https://www.reverbnation.com/dramandgo/shows between those dates Avery was a part of.

Some highlights from the years in Dublin:

Playing at the Guinness Storehouse on Paddy’s Day 2013 and other times

Playing in the National Concert Hall multiple times with groups from DIT

Opening for Ciorras at the Harcourt sessions

Leading the Wednesday night session from 2007-2011 in the world famous O’Donoghue’s pub